Why Marvelsoft

Reliable On-Site Service

We provide responsive on-site support to handle any interruption of service. This includes a temporary loan of the necessary equipment to keep your business in operation while efforts are underway to resolve the issue at hand.

Product Customisation

We carry a wide range of products that cater to small and large businesses. (e.g. transaction volume size, length of operating hours).


Our POS Systems are designed to operate for extended periods while handling heavy workloads without failing (~24 hours of continuous operation).

Malaysian-designed POS System

Our systems are designed specifically for the Malaysian business environment (obligatory legal requirements e.g. GST/SST). This is in contrast to systems designed.

Owner-Tenant System Compatibility

We help businesses link up their systems up with host systems to enable automatically resolving of necessary obligations required by the host (e.g. profit-sharing based rent payment agreements between tenants and shopping malls).

Enhanced Customer Support

Tracks customer requests to enable businesses to respond to all customer requests in a timely and accurate manner (e.g. not misplacing/mishandling support requests, food orders, etc.)

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