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IRS POS System

IRS POS System

IRS Point of Sale System is user-friendly and cost-effective, which is why we have clients from a great range of industries in Malaysia namely automobile, restaurant, retail, pharmacy, education, salon, bakery, mini market, pet shop, skincare, handphone shop, and more. In a fast-paced world like ours, it is important to have efficient POS System, especially retail and restaurant. When time becomes precious, a high-quality POS system becomes very useful, saving time for retailers and customers. If you’re looking for a POS System supplier in Malaysia, contact IRS Software for the best business solutions that you can get. 阅读更多
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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 阅读更多
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The Point Of Sales System or POS System is the center of every business. It is the hub where all the organizational things are stored like sales, inventory, customer purchases, etc. It helps companies to perform well. With many POS Systems available in the market, it is necessary to choose the one that shows well and includes versatile features. Zeoniq is an emerging Cloud POS System that runs on multiple platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS. Moreover, this POS system is secured through new international security laws devised for industries. Moreover, the Zeoniq POS system provides an end-to-end platform that links up the company’s clients with their end-users. Furthermore, the POS system of Zeoniq is developed by a team of expert developers. It also offers practical solutions and technologies to tackle the challenges faced by businesses and to achieve higher profitability and productivity. Zeoniq works remarkably like the best restaurant POS system as it facilitates smooth and straightforward operations of your outlet. Automate your grabfood and foodpanda orders directly into Zeoniq POS! One time menu setup Manage Menu in Zeoniq and upload directly to Grabfood & Foodpanda One time menu blocking Out of stock menu can manage only in Zeoniq, its auto block in Grabfood and Foodpanda! Receive Grabfood and Foodpanda directly into Zeoniq POS. Avoid double entry and increase efficiency!   阅读更多
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